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This site was started because of a lack of information. After moving from my home state and the city of New Orleans to Miami after Hurricane Katrina, my food focus shifted. I found myself being pushed in a new direction. We (my chef team, friends, and brothers) could not ignore the call of alto cocina, or avant-garde cuisine, or whatever sticker you slap on it. Despite our obligations to create hotel food (or resort food or whatever stigmatic name there is for what we produce 24 hours a day/365 a year), we have structured our team so that we could also pursue our interest in the new wave of food creativity. We read about chefs we admire. We study books. We surf the web. Initially, there was very little knowledge available on new techniques and the use of such things as hydrocolloids, but through time we put various pieces together and like a giant puzzle... the holes are filling in.
This blog has become a 2nd job for me. Although not always interesting (but usually relevant), I have obligated myself to post regularly on food, links, ideology, etc. I have met many like-minded individuals through this medium. I have been taught a great deal, and I have passed on much information to others. Since this blog was started (roughly around July 2006), a lot has changed but our drive is as strong as ever.
I have designated myself as the 'secretary' or 'historian' of my team. Chef K is the executive chef and responsible for pushing me to experiment with cuisine techniques everyday. In turn, I share everything I learn with him (sort of like a R&D department). Chef Fabian is executive pastry, an Argentinian, our Spanish interpreter, a mafioso godfather, and just as much into this as I am. Chef Mike is our spiritual leader, and the real godfather. If it wasn't for Mike doing what he does everyday, I could not do what I do. These chefs are my brothers. Our team has been together in one form or another for about 10 years now. It would be difficult to manage a culinary staff of 30 without a close-knit chef team.
Through each other and the friends we've made, we learn everyday. I have also learned through the culture and food of my Taiwanese wife, Ming. Somehow everything in my life has begun to revolve around food. Vacations, days off, reading time, the money we spend, television (except for Tap Out, UFC, and Monster Jam which are all my redneck guilty pleasures) are all food-based.
Inspired by the generosity of others who have taught me, I am happy to help anyone who has the passion and a similar drive.
Most of all, thanks to God who has led me down this road... not always with a clear path in sight, but getting me closer to where I want to be.


surviving and thriving